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Re: [SLUG] cdrecord

On Thu, 26 Jul 2001 16:14, Matthew Dalton wrote:

> I've had trouble writing cds with kernel 2.4, on a system that wrote cds
> very reliably with 2.2 / cdrecord 1.6 (xcdroast) and an IDE writer.

I was testing it with music rather than data. It seems the data works OK. 
Maybe for the music there is a setting somewhere I've missed. It ran OK doing 
the dummy runs, but I'd gotten about a dozen coasters from live runs. At 
least I can back up my data now. But somewhere along the line I've buggered 
up my sound. No big deal, except I want to eventually get my vinyl collection 
on CD.

> Upgrading to the then cdrecord 1.9 beta worked for me, although I tried
> to burn a cd the other day and got 2 coasters in a row (but I have a
> feeling that has more to do with some possibly bad RAM than Linux).
> So if the latest cdrecord doesn't work, you could try using a 2.2
> kernel.

I need the 2.4 kernel for the latest Win4lin version (3.05 - which is a 
_vast_ improvement BTW).

If I can't get the music recording to work, I will probably still consider 
getting a SCSI, this ol' Ricoh doesn't support DAO anyway.