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Re: [SLUG] Killustrator

Terry Collins wrote:

> Is anyone actually using killustrator?
> Following a search of the Slug archives, I found recommendations of
> vactor drawing programs for Star Office Draw (yuk!) and killustrator. I
> have finally managed to download killustrator source (0.72 of aarnet),
> but it wants other libraries and considering the list on freshmeat says
> 1998 and none of the links there work, I'm inclined to dump it before I
> waste any more effort.

After the recent dispute with Adobe, it is now going to be called kontour
and it still in development (up to v1.1rc1).  I think you need all of
koffice though, the link for this is:

I haven't used it at all - if someone else has/does let us all know how
the current versions are going.

> Does anyone know of any other Linux VECTOR drawing packages?

Xfig is worth a look - I found it a bit clumsy to use, but depending on
what you need to draw, it might be ok