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[SLUG] Re: X Display

> situation: someone who wants to run a X client application on another machine to connect to the X server on their workstation.
> is there any way to remove the need for them to telnet/ssh in to the client machine and run "command --display hostname:0" manually?
> ie. somehow automate that process so that the user only has to click on a launcher in their task bar.
> would making the "command" of the launcher be "ssh clientname 'command --display hostname:0'" work?

the "old" way of doing this was simply "rstart hostname command".

that used rsh to setup DISPLAY, xauth, etc and then run the command. in
places where rsh is a symlink to ssh it might still work without
requiring dodgy rsh.

in an office environment (where the network is relatively secure), i find
things are much faster if i don't try and encrypt the X connection
(by piping it down ssh too).

(note: you need "rstartd" running on the remote end)

 - Gus