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Re: [SLUG] ot - Software Update

Champion effort! I had heard about this but I was not sure
if there was a screenshot. =) A bit worrying, the machines
which should be distributing security patches/updates is not
even patched properly. Imagine before releasing the worm
they had be able to break in and replace the security fix
everyone is advising for stopping the worm.

For anyone who doesn't know, the page below is the effect
of a worm dubbed "Code Red" which is exploiting NT servers,
and trying to exploit anything with port 80 open. The worm
has a payload and will do a massive DoS on
www.whitehouse.gov at 12:00am UTC tonight.

The worm has a "lysine deficiency" where it will not do anything
if there is a file c:\notworm. On bugtraq, someone was suggesting
to create a worm that using the same exploit and propagation
methods but just creates the c:\notworm and leaves a note
for the admin.

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> hello
> i was performing a micrsoft apt-get and this is what i
> got.  Can someone help me?
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> M Lee
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