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Re: [SLUG] Optus cable URLs?

On 19 Jul, Andre Pang wrote:
>  can you type 'ping www' and have it resolve to the proper 
>  hostname? 
>      15:05 ~% ping www 
>      PING www.rdc1.nsw.optushome.com.au ( 56 data bytes 
>      64 bytes from icmp_seq=0 ttl=250 time=11.4 ms 

I don't think I tried that!

>  if you can't, make sure that you have a line that looks like the 
>  following in etc/resolv.conf 
>      search belrs1.nsw.optushome.com.au 
>  or 
>      domain belrs1.nsw.optushome.com.au 
>  replace belrs1 with your appropriate domain name. 
>  sorry if this advice has already been given, i haven't been 
>  following the thread :) 

No, this looks very unfamiliar, so I reckon that may be my problem.