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[SLUG] defaultroute'ng

I have an ADSL connection which operates in parallel with a PSTN
connection.  The reason I have both is so that I can retain the static IP
associated with the PSTN, but use the ADSL connection as the default

The PSTN connection is optioned as nodefaultroute, but in the ip-up.local
script I create a defaultroute if the ADSL connection is not up.

The ADSL connection is optioned as defaultroute and that works OK whenit
comes up.  It even replaces any defaultroute pointing to the PSTN

If/when the ADSL connection goes down I want the ip-down.local file to
replace the defaultroute (which by now has been killed off) with a
defaultroute using the PSTN connection, but despite my best efforts it
won't happen.

Could it be that the ip-down.local script is still under the control of
the pppd daemon that is in the process of dying, and hence if any
defaultroute is seen to exist, even a newly created one, it gets killed

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