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RE: [SLUG] Optus cable URLs?


You should find that http://www (ie the internal pages) work fine for the most part on NS 4.7X but don't work under Mozilla 0.XX or NS 6.XX, the only reason I still have Netscape is for the optus stuff.

Mehmet Ozdemir

Original Message:
From:  luke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
Date: Tue, 17 Jul 2001 12:42:48 +1000 (EST)
To: slug@xxxxxxxxxxx
Subject: [SLUG] Optus cable URLs?

I've got Optus cable at home now, and basically working under Linux
(with a firewall), but their web pages for internal users seem pretty
weird.  E.g. their default home page looks like it's an unpleasantly
flashy and constraining Macromedia Flash page - under Windows, you
wouldn't even know you were running Netscape if not for the title bar
in the window.

Do people have links to the necessary member account admin pages etc.
that they could pass on?  I bookmarked 3 places under Win98, but only
one of them took me to the same place under Linux.  Do they have weird
re-directions or java stuff going on?  (I must boot over to Win98 and
note down the news server settings too.)

Their public website is absolutely hopeless for anything except finding
information about getting connected to Optus.  No other info there at


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