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Re: [SLUG] Good mailing list manager

On Fri, Jul 13, 2001 at 02:40:51AM +1000, Rodos wrote:
> Anyone recommend a good mailing list program for idiots. Running debian
> with Sendmail and want something I can create a list for people to
> subscribe to without it taking hours to setup.

Mailman (www.list.org) is the default choice for this kind of thing. It's the
program that SLUG uses for it's own mailing lists, so you could check it out
on the website.

You can change the default HTML for the user-visible screens to take out most
of the options as well, and simply leave 'subscribe' and 'view archives'.

It's pretty easy to configure - it takes perhaps half an hour. You need to
have Python and a webserver on the relevant system.

I don't know of comparisons to other mailing list software, aside from
majordomo, to which it rates 'much easier to set up and easier for users too,'
or so I'm told.


Mary Gardiner
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