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[SLUG] Nessusd needs a public server

Hi all,

Nessus is really cool tool but desperately needs a 'public' nessusd server.

I spent the better part of 4 hours setting up a separate machine to act as the server, borrowing an ISP account from someone else only to have the really good news come back that the firewall was OK and nessus client couldn't find any problems. (I couldn't beleive it so I took down the firewall and retested just to be sure)

Now the next time I change a firewall rule, I really should go through the whole process again.

Why aren't there any public servers out there running a nessusd ? Surely the site issuing the attacks (ie the public server) can't be a security risk to the site running the server itself. Here's an Idea: just point your nessus client to www.slug.org.au : 1234 and use a slug issued password!!!

Seriously, I'd help if anyone were interested.


Andrew E