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Re: [SLUG] Ximian / Nautilus quirks

<quote who="Andrew Eager">

> I notice that when kicking off an application (say double clicking 'home'
> or starting mozilla etc, etc) the mouse cursor doesn't turn into a clock
> (or anything else) to indicate that its thinking.  Most anoying when you
> click again and eventually end up with two of whatever it was you wanted.
> Anyone else noticed this ?


This feature is actually a very new addition to GNOME - the "Xalf" program
was added in 1.4. You might want to check if you have it installed.

I certainly have it on my Debian sid machine at home, but it looks like it's
not included in Ximian GNOME... *runs off to ask one of the Ximian
monkeys*... Indeed; they took it out of their distribution of GNOME a while
ago, as the original versions were quite buggy. They are seriously
considering putting a more recent version in now that it has improved.

You might want to download Xalf from your distribution's archives, or go
straight to the source (so to speak) at:


- Jeff

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