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Re: [SLUG] RAID advice wanted

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Sent: Thursday, July 05, 2001 11:17 AM
Subject: Re: [SLUG] RAID advice wanted

> Thanks John, Ian and Marty for your replies.

Hey you'll get more, just watch this.....

> I'm after the redundancy so that the server stays up if a drive fails.
> I don't need superfast performance.  The lower performance of software
> RAID is acceptable.

After reading some of the replies, some may have had "no problems" with
software RAID, probably because they haven't had any problems.

> What I do need though is for the system to keep running if a drive
> fails, and for it to be easy to replace the dead drive.  If the server
> has to be taken down for a couple of minutes to install a replacement
> drive, that's OK.

trust me, if your disk drive 0 fails and you are running software raid, you
will be down for more than a couple of minutes.  booting without a unit 0
can be a hassle.

Correct me if I'm wrong people, but last time I used it the software RAID,
on reboot it  insists on fscking and rebuilding the mirror entirely before
mounting (could just be the RedHat rc scripts though I guess) ?  Can the
software RAID come up with a broken mirror or will it insist on a
replacement disk for a rebuild?

> However, if I did go for hardware RAID, does anyone have
> recommendations for a controller that's supported by Linux?

I think Intel or Adaptec ( a friend showed me an Intel motherboard server
with one in it) have release an reasonable priced SCSI controller that can
do RAID. (it can be configured without expensive memory sticks)