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[SLUG] Samba not visible to WIndoze boxes


Upgraded the server to 7.1 RH and samba shares are no longer
visible to windoze boxes. I.E they no longer show up in
network neighbourhood, but nmbd is running, I assume that it
uses the smb.conf file. If I try to force the attachment by
keying it into the dialog it comes back with "the network path
was not found."

I saved the original smb.conf and put it back into /etc
restarted smb/nmbd and checked that a smbclient on the Linux box
can connect to the share. Is there some change in samba 2.0.7?
I vaguely remember some discussion about encrypted passwords
and windows boxes, has the default authentication somehow
changed? (But then the share should show up in network neigh
and just fail to attach right?)

Thanks for any pointers