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Re: [SLUG] St George, internet banking and Linux.


It works fine for me under netscpae in linux.

the "bouncy keyobard" looks like its not taking your PIN, ie stops after 1 keystroke, but actually takes it all.

The linux version of the app is the old version, under windows you get a new version that is alot more spunkier.

Give it a whirl.


On Mon, Jul 02, 2001 at 06:07:02PM +0800, Mike Holland wrote:
> Has anybody managed to access St.George internet banking from Linux?
> What version? Should I change the Java VM?
>   I found a thread in teh archives, but it went off on a tangent
>  (surprise :)
>   St.George made me upgrade Netscape, and now I find a horrible Java
> applet, that doesnt work. the "bouncy keypad" wont take my PIN.
>   The ANZ and Commonwealth work fine under Netscape without Java.
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