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[SLUG] GnuPG keyfile fun

So I've finally decided to join the masses, and organise myself a GnuPG
keyfile / sig / whatever-the-hell-its-supposed-to-be-called.

I've been through the documentation, and just have one query.

I grab jdub's key (this is an example)
gpg --keyserver www.pgp.net --recv-keys 565B38F9

Coolo, I can verify mails that jdub signs.
Now, to the 'web of trust' stuff..

If jdub signs somebody else's key (say Crossfire's), and then re-uploads
his key to the keyserver, I would have to check the keyserver and download
it again so that I can trust Crossfire (if I set the appropriate trust
stuff for jdub's key)

Is there any way to update the keys I've got, or any way to relise that
there is a new key to download ?


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