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<quote who="Conrad Parker">

>    *PLEASE* offer to do a talk at SLUG where you show new users
>    your favourite tricks and tips, or get people up to speed with
>    your favourite tools.

I have some other sysadmin-related talks I'd like to do, but I would be
happier leaving room for non-committee people to do talks.

One idea that has come up a few times: Talks at the same time, in separate
rooms for some meetings. This would be especially good around installfest
time, for introductions [ briefing? ;) ] and stuff. Also good for talks that
have a large Q&A component, so can run over the usual 40 minutes.

  At some stage, we might have a bunch of sysadmin howto talks with lots of
  Q&A at the end, and another talk about something entirely different. This
  would make for an awesome double-header.

- Jeff

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