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Re: [SLUG] hd head crash = what, exactly?

On Sat, Jun 30, 2001 at 08:36:00PM +1000, cpaul (inc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx) wrote:
> hlo slugsters
> shame i missed your last meeting with tridge!
> i was using smbclient to back up a windows system over my local network to a
> local ext2 partition... when the copy crashed.  on reboot fsck choked and
> from then on whenever i apply power to the drive it goes click, click,
> click, click for ever until power is disconnected.  neither parted, fdisk,
> etc or the manufacturer's tools can get a hold of the disk.

A lot of time the head "glues itself" to the disk surface as the space
between the head and the surface is only a few micron (size depends
on speed/bulit/company/age). However when the drive settles down it happens
the the head and the surface "connect".

Tale the drive and hit it onto a flat surface (like a book onto a table).
If this doesnt help hit it from the side.
If that doesnt help hold it flat and then turn it FAST (like a very fast
speed up).

This is most of the time the case when a new drive dies.

Get the data and go and get a new drive......


* help! I've fallen over and I can't SIGHUP!

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