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Re: [SLUG] Dual Screen Problem

> you need the X server to support 2 heads.

I have that working already (re: my first e-mail). The mouse moves
seamlessly onto the second screen, I can get windows open on it eg
export DISPLAY=mybox:0.1; xterm 

I just can't get a window manager working on it. When I try and
start another window manager (with display set to the other 
screen) it barfs with "a window manger is already running".

WM of choice is E, which I believe can handle dual screens (I
don't think you run two window managers I think it sorts it out
from the XF86Config). I've found lots of mails back and forth on 
chat sites that say it can be done and it works fine, just can't
find one that actually says how to do it.

Thanks anyways' I'll keep at it.