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Re: [SLUG] [OT] Fixed IP ADSL

On Thu, Mar 01, 2001 at 01:43:34PM +1100, Ian Ward uttered:

> (why the @#$% do we have to drag our carriers kicking and screaming into the
> 21st century?  INTERNET connectivity in Australia is a joke)
> /rant... sorry. just had to get that off my chest

Think yourself lucky you're not here in the UK.  BT was privatised
with an even more useless and toothless regulator than Australia.
There's a 3-6 month lead time on DSL, if you're lucky.  When it
finally arrives, it's apparently incredibly unreliable.  It's also 60
quid/month for the consumer version.  Starts at 100 quid for
"business" (ethernet rather than USB).  100 quid ~= AU$280

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