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Re: [SLUG] Apt cache file corrupt...

>>> Crossfire <xfire@xxxxxxxx> 28/02/01 15:16:26 >>>
Steven downing was once rumoured to have said:
[Details snipped]
>> E:The package cache file is corrupted.
>> Which made me think the .deb was corrupted via Windows
>> stoopidnes (It might still be I guess), but closer reading leads
>> me to think the apt cache is corrupt
>> (/var/cache/apt/packages.bin or whatever it is).....

>have you even considered an apt-get update?

Not really, but I guess it's worth a try..
'Apt-get update'  updates the list of available packages yeah?

And I was thinking that the packages cache file
(/var/cache/apt/packages.bin??), was an index of files which had
been downloaded from a network source (and possibly not
yet installed on the system)

Anyway, I'll give it a go tonite....