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Re: [SLUG] Getting a kosher gcc for Redhat 7

Greg Wright was once rumoured to have said:
> On 24/02/2001 at 10:56 PM Harry Ohlsen harryo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
> [gregausit/slug] wrote:
> >I just tried to build GRUB, after hearing about it at Friday's meeting.
> >
> >It gave me an error message that prompted me to try to update my
> >gcc given that I'm still running the dodgey one that came with RH7.0
> >"out of the box".
> FWIW the GCC on RH7 is supposedly bug free & more correct/stringent, ie it
> is less tolerant with compling code with errors, at least this is what RH
> says publically. KGCC is provided so that kernel compilation is possible as
> there is a supposed error in early kernels <shrugs>

There are also bugs in the gcc that shipped.  The updates availible
from your nearest redhat mirror fix the bad ones.  Certainly, without
the fix, you can compile Qt, but it won't work.... little things like

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