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Re: [SLUG] Getting a kosher gcc for Redhat 7

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On 24/02/2001 at 10:56 PM Harry Ohlsen harryo@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
[gregausit/slug] wrote:

>I just tried to build GRUB, after hearing about it at Friday's meeting.
>It gave me an error message that prompted me to try to update my
>gcc given that I'm still running the dodgey one that came with RH7.0
>"out of the box".

FWIW the GCC on RH7 is supposedly bug free & more correct/stringent, ie it
is less tolerant with compling code with errors, at least this is what RH
says publically. KGCC is provided so that kernel compilation is possible as
there is a supposed error in early kernels <shrugs>


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