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Re: [SLUG] ResierFS dependancies?

	author="Alexander Else"
	subject="Re: [SLUG] ResierFS dependancies?"
	date="Tue, Feb 27, 2001 at 02:11:51PM +1100">

> reiserfs isn't available in the 2.4 kernel.  i had the same problem
> when i tried to move to 2.4 (only i didn't notice til the machine wouldn't
> boot with the new kernel :)
> i don't know when it's making a comeback.

$ uname -rs
Linux 2.4.2

$ cat /proc/filesystems 
nodev   sockfs
nodev   shm
nodev   pipefs
nodev   proc
nodev   autofs
    reiserfs    <--
nodev   nfs
nodev   devpts
nodev   smbfs


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