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[SLUG] motorola cable to DOCSIS cable

I have a gateway/firewall box that used to be on BPA using the old
Motorola cable modem.
Ive moved and got BPA reconnected at my new premises and its using the
new Nortel DOCSIS modems (this is a good thing).

I will be setting up my gateway tonight to use the cable again, is there
anyone that has made this change over before?

Judging from what ive seen I dont think I need to do anything different. I
still need to run bpalogin to get going.

Im not after a basics of getting cable going in *nix, Ive got that going
its just I thought that Telstra new DOCSIS cable network was the same
as Optus's in that I didnt need to actually login. This is what has
me confused.


Andrew Best