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Re: [SLUG] The things we do to low-end machines...

Jeff Waugh wrote:
> <quote who="Andrew Reilly">
> > Re lwm: I haven't used it, but sawfish doesn't have icons or
> > button bars, or icon docks either.  It does have root menus.  I
> > can't imagine why you'd want to live without them, and am not
> > sure why you would necessarily want to run _another_ program to
> > get them.
> Now you must read this: http://advogato.org/article/248.html
Has anyone on the list tried aewm?  It seems even smaller than lwm and
claims to be ICCM compliant (whatever that ma mean).

I am using lwm on this machine but it does not handle the drop down
menus in WordPerfect correctly.