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[SLUG] Micros~1 adds on bus stops

Hi all,

Has anybody noticed all the M$ adds popping up on bus stops
here in Sydney? The line they're pushing is "Business 
runs better with Micorsoft". 

Wouldn't it be really cool to get some stickers made up saying
"Everything runs faster, cheaper AND better with Linux" and
pasting these up over the M$ ones?

  Erik de Castro Lopo  nospam@xxxxxxxxxxxxx (Yes its valid)
"I've nothing against OO, I do have something against C++. Its a dogs 
dinner. Anyone who's (tried) to read Stroustrups book on C++ like I had 
the misfortune of doing knows that the man is very intelligent but has 
about as much clarity of thought as Timothy Leary on a bad day."
-- NJR in comp.os.linux.development.apps