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Re: [SLUG] Spam - how to handle it.

<quote who="Ken Yap">

> >I received a dunny-load of spam today (more than normal), and was wondering 
> >how other users handle it automatically.
> Get a new email address.

Hahaha. "Do you Yahoo?" ;)

Jon, there's a few things you can do to squeeze out some of that SPAM. I use
most of these every day, so they're not airy-fairy voodoo.

1) RBL. One dumbarse with an open relay can be a frustration to everyone, so
   the RBL is an effective way of taking them 'off the road'. It's like
   taking the wheels of a dangerous driver's car. :)

   You'll notice that SLUG is filtered on the server for RBL'ed machines if
   you look at the full headers some time. Instead of simply blocking these
   emails, we add an X-RBL header, so everyone else can decide whether to
   filter. It's a tough call, because a lot of the people on the list have
   to use telco-numbnuts mail relays.

   I drop these into my trash, but do find a lot of SLUG stuff in there.

2) Imaginative procmail. http://www.linuxbrit.co.uk/downloads/dot.procmailrc
   Funny stuff.

3) Identifiable aliases. If you configure your MTA to recognise + addresses
   (such as jdub+linuxexpo2001@xxxxxxxxx), you can work out who's sending
   you what, and when you get on spam lists. Filter or /dev/null those
   Usually it's just fun to find out who the scammers are.

Anyone else?

- Jeff

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