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Re: [SLUG] Personal sacrifice and free software

Peter Rundle <peter.rundle@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> I think that we should try for a name change. The trouble with
> "free" in the English language is that it has two meanings.
> We need to the emphasize "Freedom" and not "costs nothing" which
> implies cheaper than cheap, which then implies poor quality.
> Terms like "Freedom software" or "Liberty Software" are closer to
> the desired meaning but don't sound very catchy. Where's that
> damn thesaurus. How 'bout "Libelle Software"?

"Libre" software seems to be in widespread use in the US.  Problem
is it's not catchy, and I haven't seen it being used outside the
US.  "Libre" is spanish for "liberated".  "Gratis" is spanish 
for "no cost".