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RE: [SLUG] Hardware recommendation

As usual, the slug mailing list is an amazing source of

Thanks everyone for your response.

The comments from Ken effectively summarise why I am intending to
use the onboard nic (no fan etc). I have an existing firewall box
which is performing quite nicely (P166, DFE-530, 3Com 3c905) but
generates the normal amount of noise that an AT case with a few
fans does. Therefore there is a little resistance (putting it
nicely) to the concept of leaving the machine on all the time.

I've looked around and found a case that looks small and quiet
(Aopen H300 if anyone is interested). Asus make a FlexATX board
with the onboard 8139 (and everything else). My idea is to use this
with another 8139 as the firewall (floppy, 5400rpm hard drive and
no cd or anything else). Hopefully this should be quiet enough to
be ignored.

And yes, the box will be stupidly over-specced for firewall
purposes but it should make a good seti@home machine (watching the
heat levels of course).

Thanks again all,


(BTW, using yahoo and the digest makes quoting mail rather

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