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Re: [SLUG] Email Programs

On 21 Feb 2001 16:55:56 +1100, jon@xxxxxxxxx wrote:

> Now, if I could get the MAILER without all the browser-
> crap overhead, I'd be interested....

Amen Brother! One of the things I dislike about Evolution is along a
similar line - it loads a calendar and contact systems as well.

> apt-get ??  One of those horrible debian-type 
> commands ??...:-)


One day Jon, one day, I'll have you run Debian as your main system. It
maybe when SuSE stops shipping an English version (RSN) but I'll drop a
lazy hundred on it happening eventually. Coming to the install fest?
I'll press up some monogrammed CD's for you ;)

After a few ales at the Install Fest bar, I'll have you with the "One of
Us, One of Us" hypno-chant ;)



"Resistance is Futile"