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Re: [SLUG] Email Programs

John, one to play with now and keep an eye on for when it's really ready
is Evolution. I've been using it the last couple of days and it's quite
nice, looks just like Outlook 97 which will probably suite your master
plan. I don't think it's quite ready for the chief yet (it crashed the
last 4 times I tried to reply to this email - worked this time).
Threading is good, subfolders are good, works under KDE2, well, in spite
of ;) (it's a GNOME app).

Still, the most, *cough*, stable, *cough*, GUI threaded email reader
I've used under Linux is Netscape/Mozilla. Hopefully Evolution will soon
surpass that (I need it for work ppl!).

Check it out anyway, it's an apt-get away or at the Ximian (formerly
Helix-Code) site somewhere.


On 16 Feb 2001 21:09:58 +1100, Jon Biddell wrote:
> This old chestnut is rearing its' ugly head again...
> You will notice, from my headers, I'm using Eudora... YES, I admit it 
> !!!  Under Win4Lin it actually works !!!
> While I wait in vain for Qualcomm to get of their bums and produce a Linux 
> version, does anyone know of a Linux emailer that will do the following;
> 1. Handle sub-folders (i.e. I have all SLUG mail sorted by moonth under one 
> SLUG folder, and seperate mail files within that)
> 2. Handle THREADED discussions (so the current MS "Executive" email, for 
> example, can all be tracked in one "group")
> 3. Works under KDE2.
> The threading option is more important than anything else, and I don't care 
> if I have to get mty email into an SQL database to do it - I have HEAPS..
> Jon