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Re: [SLUG] PPPd pain!

The ISP is ozemail/uunet.

When connected, It dose a little banner, then says


Which then it requies "PPP" to be entered, before the "username" will come

Ive been trying all sorts to get it going, editing the pppscripts, manually
editing other files and just about everythin else I could think of! I even
tryed to edit the wvdial source to type PPP when it say "service"!!

Has anyone got "knowen" working config files I can look over or something
for a perm. modem connection to ozemail?  If only this companys computers
didn't get taken :~(

Regards, Alan Lee

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> On Tue, Feb 20, 2001 at 07:39:25AM +1100, Alan Lee uttered:
> > Hey.. Been forever since ive had to setup PPPD.
> >
> MUAH, know the feeling.
> > Just a quick Q... The ISP my client is going to dialup into gives them a
choice ... "PPP for PPP, SLIP for SLIP etc"
> >
> > Soo... We need to send "ppp", then a username & password.
> >
> In your chatscript, you'll have:
> ogin: lalala
> assword: ladida
> Just add another expect/send pair before ogin, or sername, saying:
> PPP: ppp
> If you run chat with -v it will dump everything it recieves (and sends) to
/var/log/messages, so you can edit it accordingly.
> > Regards, Alan Lee
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