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Re: [SLUG] Video Card ?

OK, your problem is either a hardware fault or a setup fault, and I
strongly suspect the latter. The card you have is perfectly respectable
unless you want to play the latest games. I have set one of these up in
the past with no problems. I have also set up a TNT2 and a GeForce2 MX,
again, all with no problems.

I would suggest you connect to irc.debian.org, or directly to any of the
irc.openprojects.org irc servers, and join #nvidia. If you are patient
and explain your problem well, then someone there should be able to help
you get the card set up fairly easily. You'll find me there quite often,
using the nick denial.

You might also explain exactly how the nvidia drivers "don't seem to
work". My experience is that the recent versions (particularly 0.9-6
with X4) are very easy to work with. Again, you can get help with
installing these drivers on #nvidia. One of the nice things about these
drivers is that they are unified. Essentially what that means is that
you can set it up now for your TNT, and if in a while you want to switch
to, say, a GeForce, you can just drop it in and generally expect it to



On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Richard Blackburn wrote:

> I've got an nvidia card. TNT 16Mb to be exact. RH only sees it as a 128
> 4Mb. I've tried loading the 'drivers' from the Nvidia website, but they
> don't seem to work.
> Richard
> Martin wrote:
> >
> > On Mon, 19 Feb 2001, Richard Blackburn wrote:
> >
> > > Would like to hear people's recommendations for a snappy video card,
> > > say, with 16Mb Ram or better that is easily configurable with Linux
> > > (RH6x-7x in particular) that IS NOT an nvidia design.
> > > Richard
> >
> > Can I ask why not nvidia? The reality is that nvidia cards are currently
> > the only ones to get, if you want any kind of 3d performance for your
> > $. If you don't want 3d performance, let us know what exactly you want
> > out of the card and perhaps someone can give a better response.
> >
> > cheers,
> >
> > Martin