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Re: [SLUG] Is Linus killing Linux?

On 19 Feb, Jeff Waugh scribbled:
->  <quote who="raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx">
->  > IMHO there should be a non profit organisation thatis funded by all
->  > companies using linux that people work for (probably the top developers
->  > most likely) who just ork on improving things and rolling back changes
->  > the commercial vendors make intoa central distribution of software
->  > compnents so its kept organised.
->  Haven't you just summed up a funded, widely-supported Debian project?

no. they dont do evelopment and handle rolling in features to a cental
course base and keeping the features form overlapping, conflicting and
make sure they are all implimented well and cleanly
:) thy do packaging (and any patches needed to make the package work)

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