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Re: [SLUG] Is Linus killing Linux?

On 19 Feb, Rev Simon Rumble scribbled:
->  On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 04:40:47PM -0800, raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx uttered:
->  > but if the feaure they want is done - but the rest of the subsystem
->  > they depend on still needs work according to the developer before its
->  > released - they're stuffed. what if the developer decides to go on a
->  > month's world tour and not do anything? he is not beholden to do any
->  > release - regardless of how much work the company does. thy are stuffed
->  > waiting on someone who has no guaranteed schedule and who they cannot
->  > nudge into having a schedule.
->  They can take the existing code and release it themselves, or bash on
->  bugs until it's ready.

they COULD - but that would be breaking the developmnet line and just
cause problems because people now have 2 different competing versions
of software and dont know which one to use etc. etc. etc. it introduces
problems - hell - we are talkign companies that dont understand the
keepalive in apaches speeds thing sup - so they turn it off and then
complain about speed issues! we are talking customers who fail to
realise that disk perfromance is completely irrelevant when they have a
web server with 1Gb ram and their entire site is a grand total of only
50Mb and its all static? they dont realise that it will be cached and
they could have had a machine with much less ram do just as good a
job...? rememebr cusotmers arent always that smart - thats WHY they are
a customer - they want a solutiona dn they dont want to think abotu it
themselves- they pay you to do that for them... now if you go making it
hard for them... thats not much good now is it?

->  > sofar in the linux world this has resulted in the company hiring the
->  > person they depend on in the end if they can afford it - but some
->  > cxompanies cannot, or the person just wont move and wants to stay where
->  > they are - then the company is USCWAP
->  If they can't afford to do the development themselves, they can't
->  afford to be in the software development business.  Having people do
->  stuff for them "for free" should be seen as a nice bonus, not
->  something guaranteed.

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