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Re: [SLUG] Is Linus killing Linux?

On Sun, Feb 18, 2001 at 04:40:47PM -0800, raster@xxxxxxxxxxxxx uttered:

> but if the feaure they want is done - but the rest of the subsystem
> they depend on still needs work according to the developer before its
> released - they're stuffed. what if the developer decides to go on a
> month's world tour and not do anything? he is not beholden to do any
> release - regardless of how much work the company does. thy are stuffed
> waiting on someone who has no guaranteed schedule and who they cannot
> nudge into having a schedule.

They can take the existing code and release it themselves, or bash on
bugs until it's ready.

> sofar in the linux world this has resulted in the company hiring the
> person they depend on in the end if they can afford it - but some
> cxompanies cannot, or the person just wont move and wants to stay where
> they are - then the company is USCWAP

If they can't afford to do the development themselves, they can't
afford to be in the software development business.  Having people do
stuff for them "for free" should be seen as a nice bonus, not
something guaranteed.

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