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RE: [SLUG] Is Linus killing Linux?

No, but their own kernel is not the point. They want control over it and
having their own kernel based on native Linux will still bind them to the
GPL. So they will need to bend the GPL. They can only do this, if Linus
agrees (Don't do it, Linus!).

That the development process is "constantly evolving" is, IMHO, not a
disadvantage, but makes sure only the most reliable and successful code will
remain and therefore further the quality of Linux.

I see the eventual goal of Linux to be this very reliable, very flexible OS
(which in large parts it already is), which will give the advanced user as
well as the beginner all they need to perform their required tasks and will
be easy to install and use.

Bernhard Lüder

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On Mon, Feb 19, 2001 at 10:52:14AM +1100, DaZZa uttered:
> An interesting take on how the big boys see Linux developement.
> http://www.itnews.com.au/story.cfm?id=5450

"Some Linux solution providers view the constantly evolving process
 of the posting of Linux libraries, patches, and updates to the
 Internet as inefficient and cumbersome, Davison said."

Gee, it's worked until now and we have a good OS.  What's the problem?

I think if the commercial world were to take Linux and make their own
"commercially driven" kernel, that'd be cool.  Because of the GPL the
mainstream kernel could always plunder their good ideas.

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