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Re: [SLUG] $0.02 worth

So what are the legal idiots going to work on - that Linux reverse
engineers Xenix?  Mind you, getting the US legislators to pass some stupid
act that outlaws Linux is always a possibility, after all legislators all
over the world pass some very stupid legislation, mostly at the behest of
vested interests; just look at what gets up over here.

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On Fri, 16 Feb 2001, Richard Blackburn wrote:

> Those who think that the comments by what's 'is name from M$ are from a
> raving loony better think again. This is part of an orchestrated
> campaign. M$ more than probably has batteries of lawyers trying to
> figure out how to beat open source legally and others doing a lot of
> political lobbying to the same end. The patriotism line is one angle and
> it does work more with Yanks that others, but not entirely. Should be a
> good fight.
> Richard