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Re: [SLUG] Microsoft Executive Says Linux Threatens Innovation

Jason Rennie <jwrennie@xxxxxxxxxxx> writes:

> > Damn those Open Source Communists, they're a threat to true
> > red-blooded Americans.
> Dont you hate this allusion. Especially, given that communism is 1 one
> that controls everything and decides what is best for the masses. Which is
> much more redmond (maybe they built there becasue of the red
> connotations) than the linux way.
> Jason

On the other hand, capitalism is about making money, and so is
Microsoft.  Communism is about sharing resources instead of
hoarding private property, and so is open source.

As you can see, there are two ways of looking at this issue,
and neither of them is particularly enlightening.  This 
linux is communism/linux is capitalism thing has been done
to death elsewhere... and nothing can be inferred from the 
arguments except that people love a good flame war.