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Re: [SLUG] what module for dlink dfe530?

<quote who="Dave Fitch">

> Unfortunately I keep getting "device busy" messages trying to
> modprobe/insmod it.
> Also of concern is that dmesg, messages file, etc don't mention it, the
> bios pci scan reports it at irq 10 but that's it, /proc/interrupts doesn't
> list 10 as in use.  

You might want to check if it's in a bus master shared slot on your
motherboard. Have a read of your mobo manual, it should say there.

I had exactly the same problem with an eepro10/100+. People give these
things *idiotic* names (as evidenced by Ian's DLink card -> STOOOOPID!)

I've just heard that some memory manufacturers are going to start numbering
their chips with the peak bandwidth. Why is this dumb? Because the
interesting number is the bus frequency (like the 66 or 100MHz ratings we're
used to with memory and motherboards). Why is it being done? Because PC1600
sounds a lot c00ler and h4rdc0re than PC100 (but doesn't give any additional
useful information).

Feh. Marketing snotballs.

- Jeff

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