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Re: Markets, was Re: [SLUG] Tekram SCSI Cards

Terry Collins wrote:
> Heracles wrote:
> > > Don't worry. It was a dig at our pro-markets mob that like businesses
> > > with their here today and gone tomorrow business plans, so long as they
> > > get a good price.
> > I recently purchased a product(new) at the North Rocks Market and
> Hmm, let me know when they have been operating under the same name for
> two years.

TiSHUG, a computer club of which I am a director, and have been a
member of for nearly 20 years, has dealt with Westgate Technology
for around twelve to fifteen years. They have been at the markets
at North Rocks since their inception and move their shop from
Parramatta to Rydlemare a few years ago (near the Family Hotel).
Q-Star computers (I think that is how they spell it) have been in
business in the Eastwood shopping complex for around five years
that I know of are also at North Rocks, Boomerang Software operate
both at the Markets and from a place in Parramatta. I first dealt
with them several years ago (four or five). There are two others
that sell to schools (orders are sent to their registered business
addresses of course) and have been in business for at least five
years operating under the same business names.

So yes, Terry, there may be a few dodgy dealers at some of the
markets, but the majority of them are as legitimate as any other
business people. I deal almost exclusively with the people I know
well and have only ever bought one item, a hard drive, from a
dealer who I did not know and when it failed the waranty was
honoured by Seagate with no questions asked.

Stay well and happy