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Re: [SLUG] what module for dlink dfe530?

On Thu, 15 Feb 2001, Jeff Waugh wrote:

> <quote who="Ian Tester">
> > It's a RealTek 8139 based card, and isn't worth half the money that D-link
> > is selling 'em for.
> VIA Rhine, in fact.

No, it's an RTL8139. Looking at the the box again, it's a
"DFE-530TX+". Maybe the "non-plus" is a rhine. Gee, looks like D-link is
really shopping around...

> > All I get are timeout errors with both the D-link and another 
> > (cheaper) RTL8139 card. And with both 2.2.16 (or whatever Debian Potato
> > r0 comes with) and 2.4.0. Has anyone had any luck with these cards?
> I've had nothing but success with rtl8139-based cards. Yes, they are for
> non-critical or budget installations, but for those purposes they're fine.
> Use the 8139too module with Linux 2.2.