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[SLUG] Mgetty - cannot set controlling tty (ioctl) ??

Hey All,

I'm hoping someone has struck this one before - it's driving me insane!

One of our boxes has a modem hanging off it, which one of our management-types dials into   We had a small power outage (ok, maybe not so small - half of the western suburbs of canberra were out, according to actew), and that machine has it's own UPS, which didn't last the length of the outage (I got about 20 seconds notice of the UPS failure, not the 5 minutes i'm accustomed to.. - not impressed... :(, so the machine went down cold..

When it came back up, everything was fine, except we're now having troubles with the dialin..

Using minicom, I can dial out, and answer calls back into the machine.. - however mgetty (run from inittab - T1:23:respawn:/sbin/mgetty -x9 -D -s 57600 ttyS1 -n 2) spits out an error, then quits..  /var/log/mgetty/mg_ttyS1 says:

02/13 16:27:41 yS1  cannot set controlling tty (ioctl): Operation not permitted
02/13 16:28:11 ##### failed dev=ttyS1, pid=32463, got signal 15, exiting

the perms on /dev/ttyS1 look ok to me, comparing them to those on other servers with the same config..:

crw-rw----   1 root     dialout    4,  65 Feb 15 19:44 ttyS1

The box is a PII-400, running Deb 2.1 and kernel 2.2.17.

Any thought's GREATLY appreciated - the management-type who usually dials into it is starting to get restless. ;)


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