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[SLUG] Announcement of MacLUG - Next Meeting Saturday 17th February @ Campbeltown

Hello Sluggers

The next meeting of Macarthur Linux Users Group (MacLUG) will be on
Saturday 17th February from 10am to whenever.

It is in Campbelltown - RSVP for the address.
MacLUG meetings are a day event, relaxed, hands on, come and go when you
want to, etc. The idea is to bring your box and goodies for help and
fiddles, etc. 

Each meeting has a theme/topic and the theme for the February meeting is
"Linux on Sparcs". Yes, I have some Sun Sparc hardware on hand, so if
you ever wondered how those old sparc stuff runs Linux, this is your
chance to find out. 

Activites associated with the theme take priority, but there isn't a
program, there are no planned talks, there is a list of things we might
do, can do, etc. If you want to come and chat - fine, if you want to
install/tune up your box - fine, if you want to hardware hack - fine,

There will be power, internet link (28.8K), webcam coverage, phone
lines, workshop, and various, aged linux distros (not the latest
unfortunately),  etc.

If the weather is nice, it will be outside under a tarp. If weather is
poor, we'll crowd the workshop. Please bring a chair if you have it and
if is easy to do (we had enough table top space last time).

RSVP to me (terryc@xxxxxxxxxx)

Cost $3 members, $5 non-members, covers costs. (Mac LUG is a sub group
of SLUG, so membership of MacLUG is by being a member of SLUG).

RSVP to me if you want some snags-onion-slaw for lunch or vego option
(included in $), or BYO (bbq provided). 
Endless tea and coffee throughout the day.

If you stay for dinner, there is an chinese just up the road. The local
shopping centre is 2 blocks away with a takeaway, cakes shop, small
supermarket and the chinese.

If you want to come by public transport, i.e train, I will collect from
and return you to Lumeah station (the one before Campbelltown). Let me
know you are coming this way and ring from the station/newsagent on

Future meetings will be on the third Saturday of each month. I'm open to
suggestion on future themes.
For March, I'm considering "Building Linux Firewalls on Minimal

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