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Re: [SLUG] Home network question - /etc/hosts not understood

On Fri, Feb 09, 2001 at 02:40:09PM +1100, luke@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx wrote:

> I moved it aside, and suddenly the machine that was slow to login
> (while it did a DNS lookup) was fast.
> I.e. coo and posh used to both have the same resolv.conf file, that
> said:
> search localdomain 
> nameserver
> nameserver         
> nameserver         
> (for my ISP's nameservers).  And of course posh could swiftly login to
> coo but coo had to wait for a DNS timeout to slogin to posh.
> Moving resolv.conf aside just on coo "fixed" this.  (Don't know why
> this shouldn't be true for posh too - except for the next point.)
> But coo is setup to use posh to get to the internet if posh is
> connected at the time.  (A friend set this up for me.)
> I bet this is the key point, isn't it?

I haven't been following this thread, but yes, this is important.  What
are your IP forwarding rules on posh?  You need to forward both tcp and
udp for DNS.

You may find it easier to setup a caching name server on posh
(forwarding to your ISP) and tell coo that posh is its only name
server.  This is not hard to do, just ask if you need help.

> this problem.  (I must admit my heart sinks each time I try to solve it.
> Lots of blind alleys to chase down.)

But think of how good it'll feel once it's finally solved :-)


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