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	Sort of related to my previous email. I was wondering what
people out there are using on Linux to create VPN's. I've already looked
at freeswan but to say the least it's just extremely painful and I'm
giving up on it. Besides it's probably overkill. 

	At the moment I'm looking at
* vtun
* cipe
* tinc
	they all seem pretty much equivelant. Anyone had experience with
these or any others and can make a recomendation one way or the other?

	And no I don't want to use a PPP-SSH tunnel. I'd prefer
something that has a real daemon running at both ends that makes sure
itself the connection is always up without some shell script making sure
it's so.

John Ferlito
Senior Engineer - Bulletproof Networks
ph: +61 (0) 410 519 382