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Re: [SLUG] Information sources

<quote who="Jamie Honan">

> But for keeping up with Linux info, what do people recommend?

On my custom homepage:

LWN <http://lwn.net>
LWN Daily <http://lwn.net/daily>
Kernel Traffic <http://kt.linuxcare.com>
Slushpot <http://slashdot.org>
Freshmeat (2) <http://freshmeat.net>
Advogato <http://advogato.org>
Gnotices <http://news.gnome.org/gnome-news>

I also find the can of worms that is The Register quite amusing, if not over
the top <http://theregister.co.uk>. I've been reading Linux Today less and
less <http://linuxtoday.com>, but LinuxWorld.com.au more frequently than not

- Jeff

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