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[SLUG] New Debian Convert


couldn't wait to get my hands on Progeny, so i grabbed some 2.2 discs i
have had for a while and put them on a machine that previously i was
playing with openBSD on.

install was a bit of a shocker. first time it stuffed up on the reboot. i
think the init image was missing resulting a kernel panic. a quick restart
of the installation process got things running smoothly.

i was a bit surprised by some of the junk that got installed... maybe i
picked a few wrong options (using simple selection), but it just seemed to
put some random packages on there as well...

of course (and this comment one is for someone in particular, we all who)
i was sold instantly on the package management when "apt-get install mutt"
prompted for the right one of the three disc set and installed the
package within seconds...

i think i am going to enjoy playing with debian a lot more...

pring on that debian SIG :)


"I can't buy what I want because it's free. Can't be what they want
because I'm me." - Corduroy, Pearl Jam