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[SLUG] NVIDIA + Linux 2.4.1 + DevFS now works....

Well, if you've been cursing about the NVIDIA_kernel (NVdriver) module
and NVIDIA_GLX not working on Linux2.4.x systems with devfs, you can
stop fretting.

Due to boredom, and the fact that Nvidia screwed up with the 0.9-6
release which does work on 2.4.x if you don't have devfs compiled in,
I patched their NVIDIA_kernel driver.  Now it supports devfs so it
actually works if you have devfs mounted over /dev.

the patch is availible at

No guaranties, etc.

Please don't post this to other lists, unless you're mirroring the
diff [and if so, please list your mirror, not my site.]

And the diff has already been sent to linux-bugs@xxxxxxxxxx - so
hopefully it'll make it in upstream.

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