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Re: [SLUG] Sony SDT-7000 tape drive problems

I have a Sony SDT-7000 tape drive to be used to back up a Linux server.
Everything was fine until I tried to back up a large amount of data on a
20gb drive. I have tried using both dump and tar and with each got a message
at the end of the first volume that it was time to change volumes. When I
did so, I got an I/O error message and had to abort the dump (or tar).

When you say "volume", are you refering to the tape as a volume, or the disk ?

The reason I ask is that, if you are TARing, there is a special switch to span tapes. See the man page(s).

I suspect there may be something wrong with the driver. Formerly I used this
same drive on a SCO Unix box without a problem.

The driver sounds OK - probably just the command you're using...

Now, if anyone can tell me how to get my DDS3 drive to back up more than 4Gb (it's a 12/24 Gb drive !!) on DDS3 tapes...:-)