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Re: [SLUG] Installing RH 7.0


> 1) Obtain MSdos 6.x floppy boot disk.
> 2) Place MSDOS fdisk.exe program on MSDos 6.x disk
> 3) Boot from MSDos 6.x disk
> 4) Use fdisk.exe to remove all partitions from Winblows infection
> 5) Reboot from MSDos 6.x floppy
> 6) issue command "fdisk /mbr" from MSDos 6.x disk
> 7) Happily install Linux, Winblows infection removed.

I think that by "no partitioning" he meant no dual boot or
seperate partition for Linux/windoze, not "I don't want to
re-partition the disk".

In which case just whack the CD in and go for it, do a text based
install, chose fdisk as the tool, re-partition as desired, (
though I recommend a 16M /boot as the first partition on the disk)
write the partition table, can/exit that install and re-start but
this time in graphics mode (where you don't get a choice of 
fdisk, hence the mucking around with the text based install).

'course if you're paranoid about doze virus infections then do a
low level format using the bios first.